Radulovic: Brdjanin head of Police Directorate, Govt. must not violate law like Dritan Abazovic

Zoran Brđanin

Zoran Brdjanin will return to the position of head of the Police Directorate because the Government headed by Milojko Spajic plans to comply with the decision of the Administrative Court, CdM learns. The decision of the Administrative Court has not yet reached the Government, but it was officially published on the court’s website yesterday.

With the adoption of the Administrative Court’s decision, Zoran Brdjanin is the police director, says lawyer Veselin Radulovic in a statement for CdM.

The Administrative Court of Montenegro annulled the decision on the dismissal of the former head of the Police Directorate Brdjanin. That court rendered a verdict in the dispute with full jurisdiction, which means that the case will not be returned to the Government of Montenegro for re-decision.

Lawyer Radulovic explains that by canceling the decision on Brdjanin’s dismissal, the case is now in the state it was in before his dismissal, which means that he is the police director.

“It remains to be seen whether the Government will initiate the procedure for his dismissal. But, if it does that, the Government would have to be responsible and should respect the procedures prescribed by the law, and not, like the previous government, break the law because it thinks it is not well written or for any other reason”, said Radulovic in a statement to CdM.

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