Radulović: Constitutional amendments won’t happen without political dialogue

President of the Association of Lawyers of Montenegro, Dr. Branislav Radulović, says the initiative for amending the Constitution of Montenegro means nothing, as numerous preconditions have to be fulfilled before that.

In an interview for the weekend edition of Dnevne Novine daily, he touches on a part of the announced initiative for amending the Constitution, which would protect the Serbian Orthodox Church, noting that such changes do not require the referendum but rather the Constitutional amendment through the parliamentary procedure.

“However, the question is – what kind of the ‘intervention’ is needed for this Article, as the Constitution of Montenegro is rather liberal in this sense,” Mr Radulović says.

“Constitutional amendments represent a complex and demanding process, and in order to be successfully carried out, they require time and support of the parliamentary majority. In addition, Constitutional amendment also require a referendum where at least three-fifths of all voters have to vote in favor of the amendments.”

When asked to comment on the current initiatives that do not meet needed preconditions, he said: “those who propose the amendments are responsible for the success of the process.”



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