Radulović: Hotel managers obviously know their job

Žarko Radulović

Montenegro is an expensive country. Having in mind our fragile economy and the way we are doing business in the area of tourism, we managed to collect considerable revenues. We have to expand the list of those who have liabilities towards the state and they all should be obliged to settle them [liabilities]. In this way, our country would be much cheaper for business operations, says Žarko Radulović.

In order to make a country an attractive tourism destination, its citizens need to be aware of the richness they possess. However, this is not the case in Montenegro as rubbish is literally everywhere…

In an interview with the weekend edition of Dnevne Novine daily, president of the Montenegrin Tourism Association and co-owner of the Montenegro Stars Hotel Group, Mr Žarko Radulović, emphasizes that we need to change our behavior as soon as possible, as neither the state nor the local self-government is obliged to teach us good behavior.

“Montenegro’s tourism offer cannot be complete and competitive if we, as its citizens, who possess houses in Budva or some other tourism hub where tourists come, do not take care of what we have in our own garden,” Mr Radulović was adamant.

According to him, high occupancy rate and increase in the number of tourists staying in the collective accommodation mean good hotel business. He believes that condo hotels are necessary for enhancing the structure of accommodation capacities.

“Condo hotels are the best possible option for investors. However, all that business should be carefully monitored and once we reach the needed level of beds in the so-called collective accommodation, the practice of building them should be halted.”

Beside the economic citizenship program, according to Mr Radulović, Montenegro is still pretty much “hostile” towards many businessmen. Vast financial responsibilities represent the key issue.


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