Radulović: Negative campaign didn’t affect the number of tourists

Pavle Radulović

As it was the case in the previous seasons, most tourists at the Montenegrin coast are from Serbia and Russia, and the negative campaign didn’t affect the number of tourists, said the Minister of Tourism and Sustainable Development, Pavle Radulović.

He said that this year will be even more successful than the previous one and that the income for Montenegro will be one billion EUR.

There are currently 175.000 guests in Montenegro, which is 5% more than  in the same period last year.

“We’re still one of the favorite destinations for the tourists from Serbia. World famous tour-operators, such as TUI, Thomas Cook, FTI, Thomson and Monarch and many more bring tourists from western markets mostly. According to the research conducted by Bloomberg, we’re  10th destination in the world in terms of the number of mega yachts”, says Radulović.

Radulović doesn’t think that tight relations with Moscow affected the influx of tourists from Russia.

“Political situation doesn’t affect anything”, said the Minister.

Montenegro offers something for everyone and it moves towards its main strategic goal, which is creating offer for richer tourists.


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