Radulović: Summer season has been going according to plan

Pavle Radulović

Speaking on TV Vijesti, Mr Pavle Radulović, the Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism, MORiT, said that so far, summer season has been going according to plan.

The Minister emphasized that around 70 hotels were opened over the past three years with almost 5,000 beds, and they are all booked. According to latest data, the number of guests in our country is by 1 per cent higher compared to last year.

“We have more or less the same number of guests, but the accommodation capacities are now different and tourists are positioned differently,” Minister Radulović said.

On the other hand, even though figures show that this year’s season has been better than the last year’s one, beach tenants are complaining about arrivals, claiming that tourist arrivals, especially on working days, are significantly reduced.

However, Mr Radulović emphasizes that the latest data suggest the number of registered guests has increased.

“We are more than satisfied with this year’s summer season,” reiterated the Minister.



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