Radulovic: We fulfilled our promise – German model to be introduced, executive directors and 50% of professionals in boards of directors

Filip Radulović/ Foto: Vlada CG

One of the key promises we made last year was to revitalise boards of directors of state-owned companies. It’s the body with the greatest level of responsibility, as it represents the state. That is why our promise – to use the German model, that is, have 50% of professionals in our boards of directors, people having experience in various sectors, such as law, economy, social sciences – is of paramount importance for the development of our industry, the Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs, Filip Radulovic, has stated.

“The lack of responsibility we saw in governing boards over the past period is absolutely shocking. In the last two weeks, we could all see how a weak and inefficient board caused consequences for the rail sector. Also, there was this case, when two boards of directors of maritime companies wanted to pay themselves massive bonuses in the moment when their companies couldn’t pay off debts,” Minister Radulovic notes.

Apart from the transport and maritime affairs sectors, as he adds, the progress is visible in the Ministry of Energy and Mining as well, when it comes to the selection of members of boards of directors of state-owned companies that fall under its competencies.


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