Raid in hotels: 55 Russians and 4 Japanese taken for hearings

This special action taken in cooperation with security agencies is the fall out of long-term information exchange.

This information, according to unofficial sources of Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily, cast a doubt that a group of foreign citizens, belonging to foreign organizations, are residing in Montenegro. These individuals were tied to violent acts internationally.

“The information exchange and other policy activities lead us to locate a group of 55 Russian nationals that had not been legally reported in Montenegro. This group was residing in Hotel Perjanik in Danilovgrad.

Police was also interested in 4 Japanese nationals that have been reported in Hotel Ramada in Podgorica. Based on police information and Special Prosecution’s initiative to Higher Court, police made a search of hotels Ramada and Perjanik.

Over 100 police officials of different jurisdictions were engaged in this action. They conducted a search of facilities, confiscated many things and objects, among which 205 different electronic devices, such as cellular phones, tablets, laptops, SIM cards, USB memories”, Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily learned from an unnamed source, who added that these objects were sent for a forensic investigation.

These 60 individuals were taken to police offices and had their statement taken.

“Other natural and legal individuals in Montenegro were investigated as well. There are no suspects and activities in this phase, that has a more of preventative and informative character”, Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily learned.

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