Rastoder: DPS should hasten removal of Lazovic and Brajovic



After the split in the Social Democratic Party, Lazovic and Brajovic left the party and formed a new one, but refused to return their ministerial mandates.

Rastoder recalled that the SDP in late July officially requested that DPS relieves Lazovic and Brajovic, who have since formed a new party, of their functions in the government.

“I absolutely expect DPS to act on our request in the spirit of the coalition agreement, which is still in force. The party organs of SDP will state their position in the event that this does not happen”, said Rastoder.

Rastoder commented on the continuation of the practice of DPS to accuse the coalition partners for an unprincipled cooperation with the opposition. The latest allegations in this direction were put forward by deputy president of DPS, Dusko Markovic, who said that the ruling party will seek to help the coalition survive at least until New Year, or until the decision on the invitation for membership of Montenegro in NATO, after which the parliamentary elections will follow.

“Many things in the relationship between DPS and SDP are disturbed, so it is unnecessary to comment any behavior of one or the other. SDP is ready for the elections. I belong to those who argue that perhaps there should be no pre-election coalitions, although that may be too drastic”, concluded Rastoder.


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