Rearrangement of cosmetics market

Ministry of Health is regulating the cosmetics market for the very first time, through the preparation of the Law on Cosmetic Products. No remarks directed at the Draft Law have been made so far. Slavojka Šuković, Chief of the Directorate for Harmonization of Regulations in the health department, explains what  the obligations of the producers, distributors and importers of the cosmetic products will be.

“The aim of the adoption of this Law is setting the standards prescribed by the Euroepan regulations“, says Šuković.

She explains that, in the entire procedure, it’s necessary to make the market function, and that can be done only if the producer, distributor and the importer assume the responsibility for the safety of cosmetic products.

“Cosmetic products must meet the standards of quality production practice, must also meet specific criteria defined by this law, regarding the substances contained in the products. Furthermore, products must be marked in order for the end users and competent institutions to be informed, in case some side effects occur“, she said.

So far, this law has been divided into several separate laws. Adoption of this new Law provides completeness and total safety.

“The Law will define which substances are allowed, which ones are partially allowed and which ones are forbidden. This way, every citizen will be protected from the negative influence of the products”, said Šuković.

The European Commission must look at the Law and after it expresses its opinion on it, the Law can be implemented.




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