Red alarm in MNE education beeping for a long time: What else PISA results point to


The red alarm in Montenegrin education has been beeping for a long time. After the results of the latest PISA tests were presented yesterday, the alarm, if that is even possible, turned even redder. The largest international study in the field of education – PISA, in which approximately 690,000 15-year-olds from 81 countries participated in the 2022 cycle, was carried out in Montenegro in April and May of last year and 5,793 students from 63 schools participated in it, which included 93% of the total population of this age.

Students took a test in mathematics, reading and science and on that occasion answered questions from a questionnaire about themselves, learning in and out of school, about their feelings and attitudes, as well as classes during the closing of schools due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic, and the testing was conducted on computer.

PISA examines the extent to which children of this age creatively apply knowledge in new circumstances, how they solve complex problems, think critically and communicate successfully in the 21st century.

State Secretary at the Ministry of Education, Science and Innovation Dragan Bojovic believes that we will need social unity and cohesion in order to improve the results of the PISA test, “which we cannot be satisfied with”.

It’s recalled that Montenegro ranks 54th in mathematics, 56th in reading and 62nd in science.

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