Roćen: The target was somebody or something else

Milan Roćen

Former ambassador of Serbia and Montenegro to Russia, Mr Milan Roćen, reacted today to the text published in Vijesti a couple of days ago. It was written in the text that, while talking on the phone with the businessman, Mr Ranko Ubović, Mr Roćen said that journalists and editors in chief of the Public Service were “as smart as bait” and “sick scum”, and that the television was “the most shameful stain in the history of Montenegro”. Mr Roćen says that the conversation was recorded unlawfully but added that it could happen to anyone to regret saying something. Mr Roćen says that the motive for the conversation was dissatisfaction with the reporting of the Public service of the Radio and Television of Montenegro and MINA agency regarding the terrible railway accident in Bioče that happened in January of 2006. He wonders why he has become the target of such serious attacks. And says: They missed the target. If they think they can deal with DPS by attacking me, they are so wrong. The objective was obviously somebody or someone else.

It took me a while to remember what wast he subject of that conversation I had with my family friend a decade ago, and that’s why I didn’t react immediately. And I also wanted to see reactions to such journalist spin.

The motive was dissatisfaction with the way media reported on the terrible railway accident that took 47 lives and left over 200 people injured. They failed to publish information about great help and solidarity provided by Russia. Everything I said had no consequences for the editorial policy of these media or anybody else.

I regret saying what I said about the journalists of the Radio and Television of Montenegro and MINA agency.

Attempts to discredit me on the grounds of that conversation are vain. Everybody knows that I have always been correct and how much I appreciate journalism. I have always had utmost respect for the media and have always been open for them. It’s not coincidence that many foreign journalists always want to see me when they come to Montenegro.

I have spent so much time with the present and former owners and editors of Vijesti, even more than with any other Montenegrin journalist. I  am not surprised that they got involved into this and became accomplices to the organized criminal activity. It’s not the same Vijesti. This spinning might be useful for their purchase arrangements.

Also, orchestrated reactions of political parties came as no surprise. They take any opportunity to score some political points. Many human rights advocates are one-sided. And narrow-minded. They might think that human rights and freedoms are only for the chosen ones.

Why am I the target of such fierce attacks? The actors have missed the target .


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