Savana company offered to take over Montenegro Airlines

Veselin Mijač, FOTO: Pobjeda

Savana company has submitted today a Letter of Intent to the Government of Montenegro, offering to buy, that is, take over Montenegro Airlines, bankar.me has learnt.

Savana company has been run by Mr Veselin Mijač, a Montenegrin who has been living in Sweden for decades. This company has invested in Montenegro over €50m in the past five years and is known for numerous philanthropic and humanitarian activities across Sweden as well as Montenegro.

The letter in which bankar.me had the insight into, presented the intention of this company to take over Montenegro Airlines for €1, but under one condition – to write off all the liabilities of the company towards the state.

On the other hand, Savana company would assume the responsibility in terms of making agreements with private creditors of MA in order to settle its debts, as well as the responsibility and risks for future business operations of the company.

The reason behind their decision is the fact that Montenegro needs to have its own national airline, it was said in a letter.





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