Scandalous: Blic published an article suggesting six steps for overthrowing President Đukanović

Only two days after the Belgrade meeting between Serbia’s president, Mr Aleksandar Vučić, and head of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Irinej, when both noted that ‘the condition of the Serbian people and the Serbian church in Montenegro is worse than even in history,“ the Serbian newspapers Blic has published precise instructions on the organization of political forces in Montenegro, ready to overthrow the government run by Mr Milo Đukanović, writes Pobjeda daily.

Blic portal published an article on 18 May with a bombastic headline ‘Stop Führer and Fake News: Here are SIX KEY ACTIONS to undertake for successful and peaceful litanies across Montenegro’. The article mentions steps that should be taken for future litanies in Montenegro.

No author name was mentioned and a whole text looked as instructions given by some intelligence, that is, as a kind of mandatory steps for ‘black operations’ that the organizers of litanies should stick to as soon as the ban on public gatherings is abolished.

And here are the instructions that organizers should follow in order to have successful litanies:

  1. The rule of non-violent resistance must be respected;
  2. The spread of fake news in prohibited;
  3. Marginalize the ultra-right elements;
  4. Insist on apolitical gatherings;
  5. Try to avoid the spread of Russian impact;
  6. Keep social distancing.

It’s evident that Belgrade will provide financial and logistical support for the activists. Serbia’s president, Mr Vučić, has already announced that they are going to ‘donate’ 1.4 million euro to Serbian organizations in Montenegro. The only problem is that the rules from Belgrade are sent to wrong addresses, i.e. to Bishop Joanikije, who now seems to be more favored by Serbia than Metropolitan Amfilohije.



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