How were screws on Radulovic’s car wheel loosened?

Branko Radulović

Movement for Changes’ (PzP) deputy leader Branko Radulovic reported to police that someone had tried to assassinate him on 8 November. Radulovic told Pobjeda that the attack was prepared between 10.30am and 1.30pm. He explained that he left his car on the parking lot in front of the Buducnost stadium at 10.30am and entered the vehicle again at 1.30pm. He said he heard strange noise when he started driving again.

Then he stopped the car and went to a garage next day.

The mechanic told him that someone took off the screws and that it was very dangerous.

The minister of interior Mevludin Nuhodzic took great personal interest in the case, as well as the Podgorica chief of police Jovica Recevic. The Police Directorate said it was doing everything in its power to shed some light on this incident. Radulovic suspects it came as a consequence of lawsuits he was filing against the most powerful people in the country.

Police will collect footage from surveillance cameras, on the basis of which they will try to identify the suspect.

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