SD offers better solution for Airports

The Government of Montenegro made a decision to give Airports on concession for 25 of 30 years. On that occasion, President of the Parliament of Montenegro and leader of Social Democrats (SD), Ivan Brajović, said that his party has better solution. He pointed out that SD had made a precise financial analysis of the alternative model. They suggested that Airports take out loans by themselves and invest over 100 million EUR in the improvement of infrstructure and business performances.

“As far as the offered concession documents are concerned, they are obviously illegal and imprecise. Besides that, they are unfavorable, economically unjustifiable and contain specific elements which might be harmful for state interests. In other words, these elements don’t protect state interests”, said Brajović.

He thinks that concession procedure shouldn’t have been initiated in the first place, and that it wasn’t defined clearly what the subject of the concession was.

“Not only is that illegal, but it is in contravention of elementary logic. Absence of property assessment would be violation of law. This model endangers the future of national airline company and it restricts development of other potential airports in Montenegro. In the documents offered, we can’t see a clear structure of envisaged investments”, said Brajović.

Proposal referring to dismissal of employees is not in accordance with the Law on Labor. He expected that the Government would propose some alternative options and then decide which one would be the best.

“However, that didn’t happen. Therefore, SD conducted a financial analysis which showed that Airports can request loans by themselves, invest 105 million EUR in both Airports so that new terminals can be built and maneuvering surfaces reconstructed. This way, the country will make a profit of  40-100 million EUR from the the tax on income and additional 100 million EUR provided from other taxes and contributions. This is also in accordance with the analysis conducted by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development”, said Brajović.

Brajović announced earlier that his party was ready to even abandon the Parliament if the Government makes the decision on concession. Today, however, that they wouldn’t leave the Parliament and said they were not afraid of elections.

“We will never be that selfish as to put party interests before public interests. We are determined to support only  the model which brings benefits to the citizens of Montenegro and provides greater social and economic use”, said Brajović.

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