SDT gave up on plea agreement with Bošković and Marković

Nebojša Bošković (Foto: Arhiva CdM)

The Special State Prosecutor’s Office, SDT, has given up on signing a plea agreement with the founder of ‘Melgonia Primorka’ company, Nebojša Bošković, and executive director of ‘Primorka’ from Bar, Svetozar Marković, as it now wants to issue an indictment against them, lawyer Ratko Pantović told Pobjeda, a daily.

Those who can also expect an indictment to be issued against them are: Vinko Marović, the executive director of ‘Melgonia Primorka’ company, ex-director of NLB bank Črtomir Mesarčić and former manager of ‘Krisma Motors’, Milenko Marković.

According to Pobjeda daily, these people will go on trial for misuse of office and not for a multi-million pecuniary damage to the state budget, they had been investigated for initially. The SDT believes the accused used money intended for Primorka to cover the loan of Bošković’s companies “Krisma Motors” and “Krizma Trade”.

The SDT revealed that ‘Primorka’ was purchased with help of business acquisition loan, approved by the NLB Bank. The loan itself was given based on the Government’s conclusion on reprogram of the previous debt, even though the request itself was neither adopted nor were the funds for reprogramming allocated as state aid.



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