Segrt: Waiting lists are fiction and a source of corruption

He said that this is proven by the new management of the Medical center of Montenegro (KCCG), lead by Ranko Lazovic that cleared out almost all waiting lists in approximately two months.

He explained that Lazovic introduced the right to additional work with approval from ministries of health and finance and started to, by additional hiring of KCCG employees, finish this work.

Segrt explained that within two and a half months in KCCG out of 6.023 patients, 4.700 were examined, which means that almost 80% of the people from the waiting lists have been examined.

He pointed out that waiting lists are also common for medical systems of the most developed countries in the world and they are not ashamed of them

“Waiting lists show that the scale of the work is so big that it cannot be taken care of within regular working hours.

Country then, as Segrt said, by wanting for citizens not to wait so long, involves private health institutions and pays them to take care of the waiting lists problem.


 „They, in most cases, don’t have their own employees but do this job together with doctors from public health institutions, the country pays them and that the country actually forces the doctor working in a public health institution to go and work additionally in private institutions”, concluded Segrt.

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