Selma Šljuka arrives in Montenegro: Text published by CdM bought me a ticket

Selma na crnogorskoj granici

Selma Šljuka, Montenegrin national, returned to Montenegro yesterday. Only few days after CdM published her story on the transatlantic ship of the Norwegian Cruise line company, where she was “trapped” for more than 70 days, the company bought her a ticket. In fact, as Selma says, text published by CdM bought her a ticket.

The story about Montenegrin woman trapped on the ship in Barcelona has reached even the heads of the company in Miami. When they read it, Selma was called.

“Two days after the article was published, I was called to come to talk with the director. That conversation wasn’t pleasant, but it doesn’t matter. The truth is never pleasant. One hour later I had the ticket”, Selma says.

Empty airport in Frankfurt

Montenegrin embassy in Spain provided all the transit papers in no time. Selma and other two Montenegrin nationals were able to go back to their homeland.

Airport in Frankfurt


“I arrived in Dubrovnik around 9.30 pm and then taxi took me to the Montenegrin border. We crossed the border on foot. I was welcomed by a yellow cat at the border. I felt like I was in coma and then I woke up and the world changed. And then we arrived in Igalo, in quarantine after quarantine. These 14 days will pass too. I am very grateful”, Selma concludes.

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