Serbia won’t extradite Svetozar Marović

Svetozar Marović

Svetozar Marović is a citizen of Serbia and Serbia cannot extradite him to Montenegro.

Montenegro knows this very well and everything about this case is a matter of Montenegro’s internal political affairs, Belgrade’s lawyer, Božo Prelević, told the daily newspapers Danas on the fact that the former president of Serbia and Montenegro is still in Belgrade even though Montenegro issued an international arrest warrant for him 2 years ago.

Montenegro’s Justice Ministry sent the extradition request on 25 April while Serbia’s Ministry of Justice received the request on 30 April.

According to Prelević, Montenegro’s demand won’t change anything. “Based on our law, Serbia cannot extradite him to Montenegro as he’s the citizen of Serbia. By the way, no one has ever obtained the citizenship without the previous agreement between Podgorica and Belgrade, so this matter was obviously arranged before.”

As for the Montenegrin Ministry of Justice, all legal preconditions for Marović’s arrest in Serbia have already been met by issuing the arrest warrant, which means he can be extradited to Montenegro.




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