Serbian Orthodox Church is creating space for great Serbian interests

Mandić i Carević u Novom

Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral announced that Saint Stephen ecclesiastical national assembly will be held tomorrow in the Savina Monastery. The assembly will be discussing the “malicious proposal for a law intended to deprive Serbian church in Montenegro of its many century-long heritage”.


President of the Council of the Metropolitanate of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church, Mr Stevo Vučinić, thinks that this ecclesiastical assembly is just another proof that Belgrade patriarchate is framing the space of great Serbian imperial ambitions in the Bay of Kotor”.

“That ambition of theirs was expressed through music two nights ago in Kanli Kula in Herceg Novi. “Tamo daleko” song was echoing the fortress and people were shouting that Serbia and Montenegro were one family. Now in this church’s national assembly, that patriarchate will deny the fact that it declared itself owner of 12 square meters of church land, majority of monasteries and churches  unlawfully. By the way, Montenegrin and Great-Serbian state and national idea are opposed and the law on Freedom of Religion will decide the future of Montenegro: whether it’s going to be a free country or a colony of Belgrade”, says Mr Vučinić.

Humanitarian concert “For our Kosovo and Metohija” was a prelude to the church assembly. The concert will be remembered for the performance of Vlado Georgiev and the audience chanting “Montenegro and Serbia, it’s one family”.


Political analyst, Mr Ranko Đonović, makes no difference between humanitarian concert and the assembly. The objectives are the same.

“Even today, just like 30 years ago and even earlier, Serbian Orthodox Church is acting like political organization and its actions in Montenegro have nothing to do with religion or God. Its policy is based on interests, both political and economic. Inflicting damage on Montenegro and taking everything that could be taken. That policy is approaching the end, though. One of the reasons why it’s losing power in Montenegro is the fact that Serbia cannot help it as much as it used to”, says Mr Đonović.


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