The sharks against Greece: We want to fight for a medal

foto: www.wpolo.me

The most important game at the Water Polo World Cup is ahead of the Montenegrin national team – Vladimir Gojkovic’s players will play against the Greeks tomorrow. After the game, it will be known whether the “sharks” will fight a medal or play games to be ranked from fifth to the eighth position.

Our national team had enough time to prepare for the match against the “helens”. Since Friday and the game against Kazakhstan, Montenegro has been preparing a tactic for the quarter-finals.

“I think that we are ready enough, that we are motivated enough, and I expect to provide the best possible game at this moment,” said captain Milos Scepanovic.

He spoke highly of his rivals.

“It’s a fantastic opponent, a team that has suffered minimal changes. At the positions where extraordinary players used to be, they have excellent replacements now. Nothing has changed in their game. The game physiognomy is the same as in the past couple of years. On the other hand, we are motivated, there are a lot of young players looking for affirmation, and this match with Greece is the right way to get it,” Scepanovic said.

Darko Brguljan believes that the “sharks” should start the game against Greeks under pressure.

“Every quarter is difficult. We have fulfilled this most important goal to qualify directly in the quarterfinals. So now we do not have to create an additional. It’s a pretty important game that decides the rest of the championship. So far, we have always seen quarterfinals games as crucial, and then we rarely won medals. It is an important game, but those matches for medals are much more important,” said Darko Brguljan, and continued:

Montenegro and Greece will play tomorrow as of 2.50pm.

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