Simović: There is no strict measure – stay at home

Now there is no strict measure – stay at home. Now we go out to work, because the economy also defends public health, deputy prime minister and chair of the National Coordination Body, Milutin Simović, noted today.

He urged the citizens to abide by the imposed measures aiming to curb the spread of the coronavirus, saying that the situation now is far different from the one in the first wave.

“In a situation when, thanks to irresponsible individuals and groups, the wave of importations happened followed by the local transmissions, and now when it is necessary to ensure conditions for the survival of the economy, we need another kind of discipline and responsibility.”

This is, he says, somewhat different life with the epidemic, as we went out of our homes and now go to work, but still have to reduce our activities, practice distance and be more responsible and disciplined.

“Now that we are leaving our homes and when everyone needs to normalize their life and live the ‘new normal’, we need discipline, distance, a face mask, and the hygiene discipline. We know these are demanding tasks for every individual, we know that everyday life has many challenges and that this situation is an additional burden,” Mr Simović added.

This is a crisis that no one could have foreseen, and we must face it in an extremely responsible way.

He emphasized that many institutions from the healthcare system, competent bodies from the state and local level, many dedicated, responsible and devoted individuals persisted in response to the pandemic, as this was the only possible approach guaranteeing success in this new wave and in preparation to face the new uncertainty brought by fall and winter.

As for the figures on the coronavirus, he noted “they are not an expression of the need to adapt to the tourist season, in order to show the competitiveness of our tourist destination. They are not even pre-election, aiming to create a fake image, to change and show some other data before the ink on the ballot papers dries. They are an expression of the real, professional and responsible registration of coronavirus cases.”





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