Sindjelic killed Ukrainian soldiers along with pro-Russian rebels?

As a mercenary, Sindjelic fought for the forces of Novorossiya, a part of Ukraina occupied by pro-Russian rebels which was formed by a merger of so-called Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic.

Ukrainian portal Terror in Ukraine (www.terror.in.ua), close to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and President Petro Poroshenko’s cabinet, proclaimed Sindjelic a terrorist, because of his participation in the aggression and terrorist actions in eastern Ukraine.

According to the pro-government portal, Sindjelic is among top 300 most wanted terrorists in Ukraine and he is charged with participating in killing Ukrainian soldiers as a mercenary.

The portal also published several photos of Sindjelic in a uniform and a trapper’s hat with Chetnik emblems accompanied by pro-Russian rebels.

Ukrainian portal specifies that he is a “wanted terrorist”, a mercenary in Novorossiya armed forces and the founder and commander of the Serbian radical association “Serbian Wolves”.

Serbia adopted the law prohibiting participation in foreign battlefields. It is unknown why Sindjelic has not been prosecuted on these grounds and why the Serbian authorities have not published information about Sindjelic’s connections with Ukrainian battlefield.

The portal cites Sindjelic’s words posted on social networks that “they should crack down on Ukrainian bandits”.

It remains to be seen whether the information that Sindjelic fought with pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine coincides with allegation that the terrorist attacks in Montenegro were prevented with the help of the Ukrainian intelligence service which Belgrade-based Blic newspaper published citing one of the members of Poroshenko’s administration and a journalist Taras Berezovec.

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