Skaljari clan leader acquitted, arrest warrant recalled

Jovan Vukotic from Kotor has been acquitted from charges of discharging a weapon in the Madam Koko disco club in Kotor five years ago. The police marked Vukotic as the Skaljari criminal clan leader.

The first instance verdict was issued by the basic court in Kotor, which was confirmed by the high court in Podgorica.

Through the same verdict had Vukotic’s brother Igor Vukotic convicted to a seven-month prison sentence. The court also sentenced Jovan Joko Jovanovic from Kotor to 14 months in prison. Police marked him as a Skaljari clan member as well.

Kotor basic court’s president Branko Vuckovic said that with the high court’s verdict becoming valid any reasons for an arrest warrant against Vukotic, currently on the run, ceased to exist.

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