SPC is trying to turn believers into supporters of the national interests of Serbia

The main inspiration for initiating discussion about church in Montenegro is the attempt to secure reconciliation. Saying that Serbs are going to be expelled are pure manipulations aimed at blurring the essence and shirking responsibility for profound division of the orthodox being in our country, said the President of Montenegro, Mr Milo Đukanović, in the TV show “Živa istina” (Whole Truth).

President says that Serbian Orthodox Church is trying to turn believers into supporters of the national interests of Serbia.

Opened doors for everyone

Commenting on the letter of the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, Mr Đukanović says that the model for overcoming divisions lies in the formation of Orthodox Church of Montenegro which will contribute to further social cohesion of Montenegro.

“I want to help get out of this situation and I count on the Metropolitanate and its clergy. They are welcome to be part of the solution”, said Mr Đukanović

Autocephalous Montenegrin Orthodox Church existed

It was founded by the Montenegrin ruler Ivan Crnojević and many historical documents can testify to its existence.

“Autocephalous Orthodox Church in Montenegro has its history and tradition and it is Montenegro’s duty to start renewing Montenegrin Orthodox Church”, said Mr Đukanović.

Opponents of the renewal of the Montenegrin independence

Mr Đukanović says that many opposed to the renewal of Montenegrin independence.

“Our country wasn’t renewed overnight. Montenegrin Orthodox Church won’t be renewed overnight. It is necessary to develop a good strategy and I already know what the outcome of this fight will be. Montenegro will have its autocephalous church”, said Mr Đukanović.

As he says, important factor of divisions and discord in Montenegro is Serbian orthodox Church.

“They are trying to turn believers into the supporters of the national interests of Serbia and they are doing so by destroying legal system of Montenegro and meddling into strategic commitments of Montenegrin state policy”, said Mr Đukanović.

As far as the case of the church in Rumija is concerned, Mr Đukanović says that the country has shown great tolerance. However in the future, it’s not going to be so. Legal system has to be obeyed.

“Either somebody is a loyal citizen or a wrongdoer. Either in suits or in mantles, wrongdoers will finally end up wearing prison uniforms”, said Mr Đukanović.

Any unlawful act will eventually be the subject of investigation.

Europe has to be responsible for its every corner

Talking about the EU course, Mr Đukanović reiterated that EU membership and European quality of life remained the most important objective of Montenegro.

Dialogue with the opposition

DPS leader said that the opposition refused to acknowledge the outcome of the elections held in 2016, even though they were obliged by agreement to do so.

He said that his party was ready for the dialogue with the opposition over the solutions to some problems they see as limiting.

Mr Đukanović said he was proud of two dates – dates which have paved the European Montenegro.



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