Stanić: More than 12.000 people sign petition for minimum wage increase

Mirko Stanić

Socialist Democratic Party (SDP) has been pointing to the need for increase in minimum wage for a long time. Our petition for increase in minimum wage was signed by over 12.000 Montenegrin citizens, said the member of SDP presidency, Mr Mirko stanić.

His party has also put forward proposal for a law by means of which burdens on salaries would be reduced to 55%.

“Even though minimum wage has been increased to €222, it’s still among the lowest ages in the region and in Europe. In Montenegro, over 77.000 employees earns less than €250”, added Nr Stanić.

According to him, countries in the region opted for the same model – increase in minimum wage. In the past four years, Serbia has increased minimum wage by almost €100.

“At the end of this year, average salary will have reached €500. Therefore, increasing minimum wage in Montenegro is a must. For beginning, it should be €250”, says Mr stanić.

SDP will keep advocating for increase in income of those who don’t earn enough.


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