Students believe connections are the most important for employment

One in two students in Montenegro believes that when hiring new employees, employers consider good family or friendly ties as the most important candidate’s characteristic, as well as the fact that he/she is politically active, ie the elements that are not directly related to the true assessing of candidate’s skills, the survey Expectations and Attitudes of Students in Terms of Employment in Montenegro showed.

The survey is conducted by the Damar polling agency at the sample of 950 students from three Montenegrin universities, Dnevne Novine newspaper writes.

The result showed that 64 percent of students enrolled in the faculty in the field of their interest, whereas a quarter of respondents think that diploma does not guarantee employment to young people in Montenegro.

“The highest level of agreement, the respondents expressed for the following statements: 1. I will actively look for a job in the profession after graduation; 2. There is high unemployment rate in Montenegro; 3. I am satisfied that I’m attending university I enrolled in; 4. It’s difficult to get a job if you do not have connections,” the results show.

A large number of students would like to start his/her own business and slightly fewer to work in the public sector after graduation.

“About three-quarters of students surveyed expect to find a job easier if he/she has richer CV, and the highest percentage (44.8%) of students said salary would be the most important factor when making decisions about employment,” the survey said.

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