Take a look at NATO military exercise in the Adriatic Sea

With the departure of ships that take part in ADRION LIVEX 19, series of sea exercises has officially started. The exercises included helicopters of the Aviation of Montenegro, “Gazela” and Bell 412 EPI, as well as Italian HN 90 which were used for practicing searching and rescuing techniques.

Every ship got a specific search zone. Joint action of sea and air searching has been synchronized with the Bell and our patrol ship “Durmitor”, with the aim of rescuing a drowning person.

“HN 90 helicopter was used from the Italian F-597 ship, “Antonio Marceglia”. Also, tactics maneuvering and the procedure of joint sail of a group of seven ships have been practiced. We have performed several basic formations: maneuvering actions and actions taken during the operations of sea blockage”, said the representatives of the Ministry of Defense.

The realization of the exercises confirmed high level of interoperability among sea forces of Adrion initiative. All countries participating in ADRION LIVEX 19 are NATO Memebrs.

This practice will last until 28 June.

Members of the Navy of Montenegro will get the chance once again to prove themselves as capable and well-trained.

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