Tax corrections only in case of market disturbances

Darko Radunović

There are no motives for the global change of tax rates. Exceptions are possible only if the correction is really necessary and when it’s not only for the purposes of tax revenues but rather when it influences the regularity and stability of the market, said Minister of Finance, Darko Radunović.

“Taking into consideration stimulative mission of tax policy, it is possible that specific types of taxes (relating to the particular categories of taxpayers) be regulated in a special manner, with the aim of stimulating the activities of public interest or in order to facilitate the collection”, said the Minister.

After the Government’s proposal to reduce the excises, the question is whether there will be some more interventions regarding other taxes; fuel, first and foremost. Radunović explains that turbulence in fuel prices is primarily caused by the trends at the world market.

“Oil price at the global market fluctuates but with the upward trends. Besides, euro weakens in comparison to dollar, and it affects the import price of fuel in the countries where euro is the domicile currency. Since we depend on the import of this category of products, we’re not an exception. However, the fact is that periodical increase in the fuel price hasn’t provoked chain inflation reaction, that is, increase in the prices of other products. In other words, oil prices haven’t disturbed the market or caused the growth of grey economy”, said Radunović.

Radunović expects further improvement of business environment, economic growth and higher level of employment.


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