Tax Police Department in the fight against tax evasion


Tax Administration will soon form a Tax Police Department that should give contribution to more efficient fight against tax evasion.

“Experience from the region shows that Tax Police Department is a good solution. It exists in Serbia already, and when it comes to the suppression of grey economy, it brings positive results”, said the representatives of Tax Administration.

Tax Administration has initiated a set of amendments of laws regulating taxation and criminal procedure. Rule book on systematization defining the formation of the Tax Police Department within the Tax Administration should be adopted by April.

Serbia’s experience is a fact that speaks in favor of Tax Police Department. In 15 years of its work, a total of 26 thousand applications have been submitted and a tax evasion amounting 188 billion dinar or €105 million on an annual basis.

Tax inspector, Ivan Ivanović, says that the grey economy at the excise products market has considerably been suppressed. In addition, 177 so called phantom firms, generators of grey economy, have been disclosed.

“They issue fake bills, dispatch notes and other documentation and make them available to live business entities and this way, they cover illegal goods supply. Phantoms raise cash for them  and acquire property and cash money without paying taxes”, says Ivanović.

Representatives of the Montenegrin Tax Administration say that the priority of Tax Police will be disclosing and sanctioning  tax evasion offences.

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