Telekom case: Indictment has legal shortcomings, says Piperović

Revised indictment against two former managers of Telekom, Oleg Obradović and Miodrag Ivanović, is illegal and illogical on all grounds, yesterday noted lawyer Zoran Piperović.

For this reason, he believes, the extra-procedural council of the High Court will suspend proceedings against his clients.

Special prosecutor, Saša Čađenović, on the other hand, firmly sticks to the indictment stating that Obradović and Ivanović misused office in commercial affairs thus gaining benefits for the London-based company “Rawleigh Trading (Roli)” amounting to EUR 2.3 million.

The Special State Prosecutor’s Office, SDT, in the revised indictment still stated Obradović and Ivanović concluded a contract with the London-based company even though they knew very well the job would never be completed, writes Pobjeda daily.

Defense attorney, Zoran Piperović, considers the SDT indictment a nonsense having in mind the way it was written.

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