Ten to Eight – Awakening of Croatia

By Ljubomir Filipovic, CdM observer

Good morning. You’re reading a daily contextual review of the news that marked the previous day.

Awakening of Croatia

The net thrown by Porfirije before the eyes of Zagreb cast off.

It’s very important to have Croatia on your side. Only with joint collaboration among Podgorica, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Pristina, can we counterbalance Serbia’s growing appetites. This is of great importance for the security of the Balkans. Without any of these four states / societies at the same table, their activists and the media, the balance is being disturbed and the security of the region threatened.

My trip to Croatia was to inform our neighbors and NATO allies about the events in Montenegro in the right way and for the Croatian public to finally wake up and understand that the fire on its borders can easily be transmitted to its territory. In cooperation with colleagues from Montenegro, from the CdM portal and other newsrooms, colleagues from the Democratic Alliance, my hosts from ZSF, numerous friends in Croatia and the region, we managed to do it. When the job is done so well, then it’s easier to sustain inconveniences – the fact that the police must provide protection for you and check car for explosives. But we’ll talk more about all this when the police in Croatia finish their work.

On the statements of the Minister of Interior, Aleksandar Vulin, about the “Serbian World”, the Croatian Foreign Affairs Minister, Gordan Grlic Radman, assessed that such “conquering policies” had been defeated. Grlic Radman described the situation in Montenegro as a “story with a deeper meaning” although it’s placed in the context of the Orthodox question. “The impact of third countries is not welcome if it advocates for conquering and war-mongering policies” that could be seen in Montenegro on Sunday, the Croatian minister pointed out, still hoping that the situation would calm down.

Dnevnik.Hr, RTL, Index.hr, HRT, were reporting on Montenegro the whole day yesterday. They discussed it in the parliament and in front of it. Every radio station in every car was reporting on Montenegro. Index.hr provided a very good overview of the situation, especially focusing on a hypocritical role of the Serbian patriarch. The situation in Montenegro was a breaking story on Dnevnik.hr. Unfortunately, I couldn’t speak in a TV show ‘Otvoreno’ on HRT last night, but the show was excellent.

Thanks to Vlora Citaku and Vesna Pusic, ex-heads of diplomacy in the countries of the region sent a letter regarding Montenegro to the most important addresses in Europe, in an attempt to tell the truth about the situation in our country.

Molotov cocktail

Yesterday, Vijesti published a video showing the alleged throwing of a Molotov cocktail at the police. This video was supposed to be proof and justification of the use of force by the police on that day in Cetinje. The problem is that the Prime Minister talked about the Molotov cocktail at 6.16 am, while the cocktail was thrown around 9 am. In an excellent analytical text of my colleagues, you can read how they tried to deceit the public. As for the footage, the Digital Forensic Center of the Atlantic Alliance of Montenegro accused Vijesti of cooperation, i.e. coordinated spreading of misinformation with the Government of Montenegro.

Montenegrin police or Serbian gendarmes?

It’s a big question. Dritan triumphantly takes a photo with his police team. But we know the team is not his. The DF and the Democrats are celebrating Rakonjac, whom they used to accuse when he was dismantling their demonstrations. URA praises the police and says they prevented a civil war. As Boban Batricevic says, the civil war was prevented by barricades and protests, because if it weren’t for them, all those who are threatening with Srebrenica these days would have come to Cetinje, and then we’d see the war. You can also read the opinion piece of Miras Dusevic about how tear gas outsmelled incense during Joanikije’s “enthronement”. In addition to everything we saw, they look us in the eye and lie. Now the Serbian Metropolitan Joanikije II assures us that he didn’t enthrone himself under armor.

Democrats and URA are arguing over who’s the bigger Serb

That’s what their ridiculous correspondence is about. Dritan says he was for enthronement. Democrats accuse him of being against. And that’s it. Sasa Mijovic from Nova Ljevica responded them best: “No Montenegrin vote for URA and the Democrats”.

That’s all for today. Have a nice day.


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