Ten to eight – Cohabitation crisis

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Edited by: Ljubomir Filipović, CDM analyst

Cohabitation crisis

After returning the laws to the Parliament’s remedial session, and after refusing to approve the recalling of the ambassadors, President Milo Đukanović refused to approve the dismissals in the Army of Montenegro because procedures and rules in the work of the Defense and Security Council he chairs were not adhered to. President Đukanović said that he would convene a session of that in the shortest time possible.

At the same time, Prime Minister Krivokapić summoned a meeting between the President of the Parliament, the President of the State, and the Deputy Prime Minister Dritan Abazović. The meeting is scheduled for Friday. The known items of the agenda are the functioning of the Defense and Security Council, as well as the functioning of institutions in conditions of cohabitation.

While the leaders of various branches of power are trying to make an agreement, Mr Andrija Mandić raises tensions, saying that the president of the state will be forced to sign the laws.

Fake news about Đukanović and DPS

The health condition of the President Đukanović and the delay of the DPS’s congress have been the subject of much speculation for quite some period, and it began even before the holiday season. Over the last days, the Serbian media have been dealing with this matter, spreading disinformation that the DPS’s congress was once again postponed due to the deteriorated health of President Đukanović. The DPS has denied this.

Dritanizing of Krivokapić

Branko Lukovac, former Montenegrin chief of diplomacy, but also a former president of the Council of Abazovic’s URA (left when he saw what this movement was meant for), commented for Al Jazeera on Abazovic’s superficial apology, which was actually the relativization of Zdravko Krivokapić’s moves by Mr Dritan Abazovic. Once again, my thesis is justified that URA exclusively serves as a sedative so that we can easier and faster swallow the frog of Greater Serbia politics, of which Montenegro has become a part one more time.

No matter how much is Mr Abazović turning a blind eye to the Greater Serbia policy and be pleasing his coalition partners, it is by no means enough. And it won’t be enough. Mr Dodik’s team also reacted to the excuses of Mr Abazović.

Head of ANB and BMW X6

Six apartments, six vehicles, none of them being older than five. A very inspirational property record of the controversial director of the National Security Agency (ANB). Add to it the fact that the new head of UDBA (old name for the national security service) drives a new BMW X6, and it finely fits with the fact that he used to defend criminal clans, which he lied about in the media.

Criticisms from civil society

Even the government-friendly Institute Alternative criticized the announcement of the appointments based on party affiliation and the distribution of jobs at deeper levels among party groups. The announcements about the party-based filling of the administration jobs were criticized by almost all activists and organizations that had actively supported the change of government. The ruling parties have easily ignored these concerns of the civil sector.

The analysis of the property records of the new officials, which was published by many media, was commented by the Center for Civic Education (CGO). They especially pointed out that more than half of the government members had not given their consent for the insight into their bank accounts. They also mentioned that many MPs are late in submitting information about their property. The CGO also calls for urgent amending of the Anti-Corruption Law.

Events in the SAO Boka

Mr Carević has responded to yesterday’s criticism from the local URA, saying that those who “whine about armchairs” doesn’t interest him. He announced the soonest establishment of the new rule, although some of his associates had posted on the internet the possibility that early elections in Budva could take place soon.

New Year presents with ads of the Orthodox youth associations (which sometimes resemble paramilitary formations) were distributed in a school in Tivat. The director of the Elementary School in Tivat sees nothing problematic about this act and these flyers. Although Tivat is a multi-confessional city with a long multicultural tradition, some obviously want relations between communities to deteriorate.

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