Ten to Eight – Elective-Ethnic Engineering

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By Ljubomir Filipović, CdM observer

Do you remember how Minister Bratić called Montenegrins a product of ethnic engineering? Well, this is not it. Here, the strategic commitment of the Government, as far as we understand, deprives our citizens on temporary work abroad (mostly Albanians and Bosniaks) of the right to vote in the next elections, while citizens of Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina (from the Republic of Srpska) with temporary residence in Montenegro are admitted to citizenship. In this way, by changing the demographic structure in Montenegro, the strategists of the Serbian World, assuming that Serbs will vote “in Serbian way”, plan to provide a stable majority to pro-Serbian forces that would open the door to constitutional changes, and ultimately the annulment of Montenegro’s independence. This is all under the alleged care for refugees who have been living in Montenegro for years and don’t have Montenegrin citizenship. Lying and spinning. This Government is driving people to despair, and the only thing left after a series of provocative decisions is the street. Thus, calls for a protest in Podgorica, scheduled for today at 11am, have been published on the networks.


Many non-governmental activists, political parties, but also people outside Montenegro, reacted to the text published by CdM and the decision to change the criteria for admission to citizenship. Those who reacted were from DPS, SD and LP. Mr Fatmir Đeka said that the changes to the law would mostly affect “Albanians who had to leave their home due to economic reasons, and in the ‘90s for political reasons”. SDP MP Ivan Vujović believes that the government, “by changing the national structure of the population, seeks to establish a desirable electoral register, which has long been the goal of anti-civilian political structures that want to create a monotheistic state of Montenegro”. DPS vice-president Ivan Vuković compared the ruling party in last night’s news with Mr Vojislav Koštunica.

Mr Zlatko Vujović said for Gradski (City) radio that with these changes we would get an electoral redesign of the electorate and an attempt to influence the next elections through the policy of granting citizenship.

Former Minister of Defense of Slovenia and former Member of the European Parliament Roman Jakić tweeted on CdM’s analysis on the changes in the criteria for acquiring Montenegrin citizenship.

The President of Montenegro’s cabinet reacted as well. Namely, the head of the cabinet Miodrag Radović said that the decision to change the criteria for obtaining Montenegrin citizenship was a shameful act of the Government of Montenegro, whose only goal is to suppress everything that is Montenegrin.

Minister Sekulović denied all accusations, rejected the criticism and told us to be almost relaxed, as Deputy PM Dritan Abazović would say. Apart from Mr Zlatko Vujović and the CDT, NGOs are mostly silent and don’t pay attention to this. He will probably become aware if there are external reactions.

Leposavić saga

Epic songs are already being written about Mr Leposavić, but it still looks like he will resign. Although his public address was announced, he gave up. As soon as the resignation was announced, Mr Abazović, who defended him until yesterday that he had not denied the genocide, said that URA would vote for his dismissal, which btw will not even happen if he resigns. The resignation was welcomed in advance by Mr Aleksa Bečić. The Serbian head of the parliament Ivica Dačić coldly commented on our situation. Be that as it may, I don’t think this can endanger the Government, as long as the budget trough is filled with debt. Even before the denial of the genocide, Mr Leposavić had controversial statements, such as interference in the work of the court, but also the statement in which he says that in Montenegro it is the same as in Jasenovac. Here, too, he relativizes genocide, but the one that happened to the Serbian people in the Independent State of Croatia.

That’s it for today. See you tomorrow at the same time.


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