Ten to Eight – Genocide denier

You are reading a daily contextual review of the news that marked the previous weekend.

By Ljubomir Filipović, CdM observer

Minister of Justice Vladimir Leposavić has started a wave of condemnation in the region and beyond with his statement on the genocide in Srebrenica. When asked by DPS MPs, Mr Leposavić said that didn’t have to acknowledge genocide if there was no information about it, although during the presentation he showed that he had enough knowledge about the case and explained why he didn’t indirectly consider it genocide. In his speech, he also referred to the legitimacy of the Tribunal for Yugoslav war crimes in The Hague, which in his opinion was lost a long time ago.

Mr Leposavić‘s statement was initially relativized by his colleagues, but soon after it gained a regional dimension, and was followed by fierce reactions that my colleagues Aleksandra Obradović and Miraš Dušević wrote about, there was also the withdrawal of support for Mr Leposavić from URA MPs. It is interesting that the historian prof. Šerbo Rastoder confirmed on Facebook that URA had people like Mr Rahman Morina and Mr Sejdo Barjamović, and in that way showed to some extent that there are serious flaws in that party when it comes to the attitude towards this Government.

Soon, Minister Leposavić received many slaps in the face from many others. His statement was referred to by Mr Roman Jakić, but yesterday the US Embassy and the UK ambassadors in Podgorica and Sarajevo reacted as well.

Krivokapić is Dritan’s, not church staff

Deputy PM Dritan Abazović no longer manages to entertain the masses with his flamboyant performances in Parliament, but he should be acknowledged for his courage in taking responsibility for the fact that PM Zdravko Krivokapić is Montenegro’s Prime Minister today.

While we are waiting for the last moment for the budget to be voted on and while we are waiting for another decision on temporary financing, let’s look at this collage of the Prime Minister’s public appearances without losing sight of the situation in the fields of health and economy and the fact that we are on the threshold of the tourist season.

New majority’s ingenious HR

We have become indifferent towards ingenious personnel “expert” solutions in management and operational positions, such as Ms Marina Jočić heading the National Parks. However, the appointment of Mr Milan Knežević to the NATO Council and Ms Vesna Bratić and Mr Vladimir Božović to the Senate of the Old Royal Capital Cetinje are really the feats of the new Government’s paradox. And don’t forget that all this is aminated by the URA “Civic” Movement. The appointments to the Cetinje Senate is also a kind of provocation.


Minister of Internal Affairs Sergej Sekulović said in Parliament that he would like to stop all convoys. I will remind you that Minister Sekulović, while he was an analyst and activist, was very kind to religious processions and car-processions. Due to such Government’s double standards, patriotic convoys organized in several Montenegrin cities will continue.

That’s it for today. See you tomorrow at the same time in the same place.



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