Ten to Eight – Who Will Get The Airports?

Good morning! URA wants to grant concessions for the Airports; the Open Balkans support is worrying; Spajic’s compensation subject to Milan Knezevic’s ridicule; local parliament in Ulcinj is blocked.

Nikolaidis once again excels with his column “A big one or a technician, the question is now”. Miras Dusevic is not lagging behind either. You can read his satirical commentary on the gift of a permanent employment contract here.

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Who will get the Airports?

This is usually the case in politics. A tycoon supports you in the campaign, and then you have to make it up for him when you are in a position of power. Only in extreme cases you appoint him as a minister. The pinnacle of hypocrisy is when you appoint a construction tycoon as economy minister from a green party. You’ve heard about this – “truth is a lie, freedom is slavery”. And this is the same – “URA is a green party”. Because Zarko Rakcevic used to and Goran Djurovic now probably paint their concrete green.

But let’s assume that Djurovic is enlightened, and that he is our Thomas Weiss, the Austrian green MP-farmer-hipster, who promotes URA from the European Parliament. He and Muharem Bazdulj.

But enough with digressions. What Djurovic has done now. Nothing, except that this economic right-winger and fiscal conservative is selling us the story that his party is left-green. Djurovic will be the one to softly abolish the non-working Sunday, and probably privatize what is left to be privatized – Budvanska Rivijera in the first place. Because, he wants to grant concessions for the Airports.

Danilo Orlandic, SD deputy leader and former director of the Airports, says that he is now against such a solution, just as he was before when the DPS and BS proposed the same.

Only 17% of citizens are against the Open Balkans?

If this CEMI’s survey carried out in March is still relevant, we are in deep trouble.  It shows the great lack of information of citizens about the Open Balkans, but also their readiness to make uninformed decisions. According to the same survey, the younger the citizens, the more inclined they are to support the Open Balkans. Half of the young people support the initiative, but also half of the people admit that they are not sufficiently informed about the initiative. If the citizens make decisions in the same way as the Prime Minister, with ignorance and based on the propaganda of Vucic and Rama, then this country is in big trouble. But we have known that for a long time.

The Open Balkans was also discussed at the 30th session of the Igman Initiative, where participants from Bosnia and Montenegro expressed their skepticism towards the regional integration initiative.

What does Spajic need compensation for?

URA and DF use the demands for compensation after the termination of the mandate, submitted by the former ministers, in order to achieve political points. The main target is Milojko Spajic, who was well criticized by Milan Knezevic, recalling that Spajic was building the image of a successful businessman, only to ask that, like Knezevic and everyone else ever, he receives compensation for not working in the next year. Harasani says that 31 members of Krivokapic’s government have sought compensation. Probably the only ones who did not ask were those who only extended their positions.

Spajic says that he donated every salary he received in Montenegro. If he proves it, he will really beat both Knezevic and Dritan who is belly-speaking through Harasani.

Election of new government in Ulcinj postponed

It is still unknown who will lead Ulcinj in the next four years, because the constitutive session of the Municipal Assembly was interrupted again. Due to the impossibility of scheduling the session and postponing it, the Government will have to intervene and schedule the session. This is how it is when unprincipled pre-election and post-election coalitions are formed. Then everything is allowed. Everything but the fact that the citizens are wondering who will exercise power in the city.

That’s it for today. See you tomorrow.

Kind regards,

Ljubomir Filipovic, CdM analyst

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