The Court must decide about the Telekom case

Indictment against Oleg Obradović and Miodrag Ivanović, in Telekom  case, was subject of consideration at the  High court today. The Court has 15 days to decide whether there will be a trial on this indictment or the criminal procedure will be stopped. The Court also has the possibility to request for the amendments to the indictment.

The Prosecutor Saša Čađenović said he stayed on the indictment. The accused allegedly abused their position in business in order to bring benefits to another.

The damage was 2,3 million EUR. According to the indictment, that money went to Roli company. This company paid the consultant contract for the analysis of the region market.

Defense Attorney, Zoran Piperović, requested that the procedure be suspended since the legal shortcomings are so obvious. The Court has to suspend the procedure since there are no elements of an offence.


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