The highest salary amounts 174 minimum wages

While the Trade Union and the opposition are arguing with the Government over the request for increasing the minimum wage, which is, by the way, the lowest in the region (€193), the most recent data of Tax Administration show that around 7.269 of employees got a “thin” envelope in November. These data indicate that more than 174 minimum wages can be paid for the highest salary.

“According to the data, the highest wage was paid in August this year and it amounted €33.695. Gross amount of €59.638, with taxes and contributions calculated, was paid to the person employed in the activity of the extraction of crude oil”, said the representatives of Tax Administration.

According to the records of Tax Administration, there are around 192.000 of employed persons.

Number of persons who receive the minimum wage differs from month to month. Judging by the current situation, huge range between the highest and the lowest wage in Montenegro will remain that huge next year too. Trade Union, the opposition and SDP are constantly requesting the increase of minimum wage from €193 to 250 net, since that’s the lowest wage in the region in comparison to high growth rates.

The employers agree with the suggestion but provided that taxes and contributions on wages be reduced.

The Government reports that increase will be possible only if the tax coverage is increased, that is, a considerable number of illegal taxpayers enters into legal flows. Electronic fiscalization will be so helpful in that context.

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