The Municipality of Tivat is going to build apartments for the market

Foto: Radio Tivat

Residential and business structure in the center of Tivat is going to be built by the Municipality of Tivat in private and public partnership. Councilors of the Municipal Assembly of Tivat adopted the decision on granting the municipality consent to start the procedure of partner selection for the construction of residential and business structure P+3+Pk.

“This isn’t for the purposes of the employees of the municipality of for the local officials. It’s for the market. This decision will bring significant short-term and long-term profit to the municipality”, said the President of the municipality, Siniša Kusovac.

According to the adopted decision, public partner is supposed to invest funds for the construction, to build the structure in accordance with the revised Main project, to connect the structure to public utility infrastructure and to register the structure real estate cadastre.

Commission composed of five members will select the partner.

Additionally, the councilors adopted today the decision on the adoption of the project of technical traffic regulation on roads and streets at the territory of the municipality of Tivat. They have also adopted amendments to the decisions on residence tax, plan of work with the financial plan of the limited liability company for wastewater treatment and management for the municipalities of Kotor and Tivat for 2019, as well as the Report on the implementation of the Local plan on municipal and non-hazardous waste management for the municipality of Tivat for 2018.


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