The USA remain part of NATO

Frenk Vizner

“Figuratively speaking, no American president, can just pick up his marbles and play somewhere else, that is, he can’t leave NATO. Elections are approaching, everything is being politicized, and all this rumors you hear from Washington should be given that political sense. I wouldn’t worry so much about whether the USA will leave NATO. I wouldn’t even consider that as a possibility”, said the American diplomat and Balkans expert, Frank Wisner.

Wisner was Special Envoy of the USA in the negotiations over the future status of Kosovo and American ambassador to the Philippines, India, Zambia and Egypt. He also performed high functions in State Department, was Under Secretary for Defense in the administration of Bill Clinton as well as Under Secretary for International relations int he administration of George Bush. Wisner says that Montenegro is a European nation and that it has an open window towards the West.

“Montenegrin nation is brave and the fact that you are part of the Alliance is another step towards creating total, stable and free Europe. Me and many other Americans are delighted that Montenegro is part of  NATO, but when you ask me what did the American president say, I have to say that I can’t speak on his behalf. I’ll say only one thing – this question wasn’t put on the agenda by Donald Trump, but by Vladimir Putin. Russia was against Montenegro’s accession to NATO, so it comes as no surprise that Russian president raised that issue during the meeting with his american counterpart”, said Wisner.

There’s no any doubt that Montenegro and the USA are part of the NATO and that membership brings specific responsibilities which guarantee the safety of Montenegro.

“I honestly doubt that Trump wants to bring into question the membership of the USA because that way he would threaten the peace and stability of Europe and Montenegro. We live in a politicized world, but our reality is based on strong international duties, which guarantee peace and stability”, says Wisner.


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