The World Bank will finance construction of a fishing port

Ulcinj Port Milena fishing huts, Montenegro

Construction of a fishing port at Đeran promontory, near Ulcinj, worth millions, will be financed by the World Bank.

Public consultation on Draft amendments to State study on “Đeran Promontory Port Milena”, will be held in the organization of Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism from 3 September to 23 September 2020.

presentation of the Draft panning document will take place on 15 September 2020, in the great hall of the Municipality of Ulcinj.

State site study envisages construction of a marina, near port Milena. That’s a very complex project in technical sense, while construction of a fishing port requires urgency.

Construction of fishing port was planned eight year ago in Njivice, but the plan failed.

Document provides two variants of the construction of a breakwater for the future port.

“In A variant, the existing breakwater has been kept and secondary break water has been added to protect the entrance to the water area of fishing port and marinas from waves. In B variant, direction of stretching of the main breakwater has been modified in its finishing part”, state study stipulates.

The aim was to make change of direction continuous, without sudden changes of direction of stretching.

“Experience shows that places where there were sudden and sharp changes of direction of break water are prone to big damages due to waves of extreme heights. Length of the secondary break water should be enough to provide adequate length of folding with the end of the main breakwater. That way, maximum heights of waves will not exceed value of the allowed heights at the entrance to the port”, document states.

Loan agreement between Government of Montenegro and IBRD was signed on 8 March 2018.

The project became effective on 5 June 2018.

Development goal of the Project is to improve competitiveness and agriculture and fishery in Montenegro.

The project is worth €30 million.


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