Top secret Russian unit was formed in 2009, Bellingcat reveals


Top secret Russian unit, known as Unit 29155, was formed in 2009. So far, Bellingcat investigative website has identified 20 members of this Unit, says the Bellingcat investigator, Mr Hristo Grozev.

American NY Times published that coup attempt in Montenegro, attempt to assassinate a Russian spy using a poison and poisoning of an arms dealer in Bulgaria were all actions that bore the fingertips of Russia’ secret group known as Unit 29155.

Bellingcat investigator for relations between Russia and South-East Europe, Mr Hristo Grozev, said to Pobjeda that Unit 29155 had been seen as elite international operational unit. Mr Grozev, winner of the EU Investigative Journalism Award for 2019, says that Bellingcat has identified 20 members of this team so far.

“They have been operating worldwide, especially in Western and Eastern Europe, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Near East and even China”, said Mr Grozev.

According to NYT, western intelligence services identified for the first time a secret Russian unit in 2016, after the coup attempt in Montenegro. Its goal was to assassinate Prime Minister of Montenegro and seize the Parliament.

Text titled “Top secret Russian unit seeks to destabilize Europe”, published in the American magazine, describes in detail how these Russian agents operated.

Mr Grozev claims that all secret identities were created between 2009 and 2010.

“Most findings of NYT matches our findings, although the sources are obviously different”, says Mr Grozev.

He says some of the information provided by NYT was wrong.


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