Trump’s remark about Montenegro is just a joke

Donald Trump’s recent statement that Montenegrins might cause a Third World War went viral on social media. Even a CNN reporter has been sent to Montenegro following the US President’s remarks to check whether Montenegrins are as aggressive as he thinks they are.

Famous journalist, Jakša Šćekić, who used to work for Reuters and British Sky News, says he sees Trump’s remark as nothing unusual but that he actually promoted Montenegro, which certainly wasn’t his intention.

“The fact is that Donald Trump mentioned Montenegro instead of any other Baltic country. Someone obviously told him Montenegrins are proud and aggressive, and that they waged wars for freedom, which he used to make a joke. If you ask him about Montenegro today, he probably wouldn’t know anything about it, not even to repeat what he had already said. He did enough to promote your country and that’s how you should see it,” Šćekić told Dnevne Novine daily.

The fact CNN sent a reporter to Montenegro is an extraordinary summer story, according to Šćekić. “He made you instantly popular literally overnight. Half of the world certainly didn’t know Montenegro is a NATO member state, and now everybody knows that! Trump’s statement will have more effect than 10 advertisements on Montenegro’s tourist offer on CNN. This is why I say he did a perfect job for you and maybe you should even thank him,” Jakšić told assertively.

Well, thank you Mr. Trump. Oh, what would we ever do without you?




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