Turkey and Britain interested in black metallurgy from Niksic

In need of development

The interest of domestic and foreign companies for products from the Institute of Black Metallurgy is increasing, and we are intensively working to improve the production process, the director of the Nikšić company, Mr. Ranko Nikolić, said for Dnevne Novine daily.

“We decided to launch a new technological line, the so-called siphon casting instead of the previous cauldron casting. We also want to purchase a new crystallizer”, Nikolic said adding that many regional companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia are buying their products because of the competitive price and quality.

He said he expects “a serious breakthrough in the markets of Kosovo and Albania”, and that there’s interest from buyers from Germany and Britain, as well.

“Representatives of the Turkish firm Ojal Metal, who have already visited the Institute’s facilities twice, have expressed serious interest and promised to buy by the end of the year the complete production that we can organize”, Mr. Nikolic said, adding that there is no need for Montenegrin entrepreneurs to import products that are far below the Institute’s quality but cost more.

The Institute currently employs about 70 workers, who according to Nikolic, are regularly receiving their salaries.

“The average salary is, unfortunately, not commendable at about 460 euros. My task will be to increase average salaries for workers because they are far too low for the serious jobs that they are doing”, Mr. Nikolic concluded, stressing that all problems in the company in the last six months were resolved without financial assistance from the state.

“In the process of contracting, we ask that 50% of the value of the contracted work be paid in advance. My goal is to collect every euro for the service or product that the Institute has provided. There is no one to whom I will forgive a single euro. If they do not comply with obligations, lawyers will deal with them”, Mr. Nikolic was adamant. God bless him.

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