Turkish investors: We don’t want to take part in political games


Turkish company ‘Mia Investments’ has drawn reactions from the public over the past 20 days after its project ‘Mia Budva’, as well as the donation this company offered, became the topic of the political discussions led in Budva’a local assembly, writes Dnevne Novine daily.

Given the fact ‘Mia Investments’ is an international and one of the world’s most reputable companies, which has been constructing buildings in 14 countries all over the world and has done nothing against the law, its owners were terribly surprised to hear what has been happening in the local assembly.

In an interview with Dnevne Novine daily, the owner of the company, Mr Habip Arikan, and his partner, the most famous Turkish architect, Murat Kader, clearly pointed out that they want no one to put them in any political context, as they have been renowned international businessmen doing their job entirely in accordance with laws.

“I want the residents of Budva to know the following things: We are the international investors not the politicians. No member of our families has been involved in the politics. When we decide to invest, e.g. in Turkey or in any other country of the world, we always envisage to give a donation, as the evidence of corporate social responsibility. We decided to do the same thing in Budva, together with our partners, a year ago, and then signed the Protocol clearly denoting that ‘Mia Investments’ wanted to donate a kindergarten to Budva. We hide nothing,” said Mr Habip Arikan.

He emphasized that the Municipality of Budva did not ask for anything, it was their own offer and now they don’t understand what’s the problem with the donation.

According to him, three business partners – he himself, Mr Murat Kader and Mr Ozan Sener, have established the company ‘Mia Investments’.

Having in mind the fact that ‘Mia Investments’ hasn’t violated any Montenegrin law, and that the offered donation represents the part of their image, they were terribly surprised to find out that their company, the ‘Mia Budva’ project and the donation have anything to do with the politics and political discussions.

The company itself does not hide that they are disappointed with the delays in making decisions about the project, because as they said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.



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