Two military officers to join KFOR in November

Vojska Crne Gore
Vojska Crne Gore

According to the Ministry of Defense program of work, two Montenegrin military officers will be deployed in the NATO-led mission in Kosovo in November this year. This document says two military personnel will be sent to join KFOR during the period 1-31 November 2018.

At the session held last week, Montenegrin government decided these two soldiers will be paid €70/per day, after the Parliament had voted in favor of sending the military officers to join KFOR, one of whom will be deployed in (KFOR) command in Pristina, and the other in the mission’s regional headquarters in Skopje, Macedonia.

Although Serbia harshly condemned such a decision, the program of work of the Montenegrin Ministry of Defense has envisaged a visit of Serbian defense minister, Aleksandar Vulin, to Montenegro on 18-19 September or 24-25 September 2018.

For a quick recap: Serbia President, Aleksandar Vucic, on July 8 said this gesture could not be considered friendly toward Serbia, followed by similar words from the Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin who said that, by sending troops, Montenegro wanted to support Kosovo independence.

Montenegro Defense Minister Predrag Boskovic tried to justify the decision, insisting that by deploying officers in Kosovo ‘Montenegro did not betray Serbia’.




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