Two persons killed at workplace this year


In the first 10 months of the year, 20 occupational injuries were registered, 18 of these serious, and two fatal, the Labour Inspectorate told Pobjeda.

The Association for Occupational Safety states that there is little data in this field and that it takes a lot more labour inspectors to inform employers and employees about their obligations. According to the association’s data, only 4% of employers have a risk assessment act, which means that the inspector did not visit the companies.

During supervision, an inspector primarily performs a preventive function, and takes administrative measures and actions when prevention actions cannot provide the purpose and goal of the supervision, the Labour Inspectorate stated.

The Association for Occupational Safety’s coordinator, Djina Jankovic, says much more must be done to establish European standards in this area. Injuries are frequent – usually on construction sites, the highway – and often months pass before the cause of these is known, said Jankovic.


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