Investment in science is the guarantee of economic growth


All economically developed countries of the Western Europe have positive economic growth thanks to breakthroughs in the area of science, technology and innovation. Minister of Science, Sanja Damjanović, plans to bring Montenegro into the  community of such countries.

The idea of South-East Europe International Institute for Sustainable Technologies (SSEIST) will bring many benefits. It’s a regional project focused on the cooperation of medicine and science.

“Benefits aren’t only medical but also economic. This Institute would enhance the development of other branches of the economy as well. Carlos Moedas,  the European Commissioner, and Jean- Eric Paquet, Director-General of the Directorate for Research and Innovation, promised us that, by the end of the year, the European Commission, would provide funds for the preparation phase of this project”, says Damjanović.

The Minister points out that currently our region lacks capacities and appropriate level of expertise necessary in order to implement this project. We do need support from the experts from the countries of Western Europe.

“For that reason, we will apply for the provision of financial sources from many international funds, with the aim of increasing capacities through various training courses. I firmly believe that experts from Montenegro will acquire skills and knowledge needed for the management of this project. The objective is that we find our place on the ESFRI Road Map which would enable us a serious status for the potential investment, in the amount of 150-200 million EUR from the European funds”,explains Damjanović.

Private sector in Montenegro doesn’t invest enough in the research and development.

“Our mission is to change that. We want economy based on knowledge, we want proactive companies, and in accordance with trends and demands of global market. Research and development are two components which represent generators of changes at the economic and social plan “, says Damjanović.



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