Ulcinj is braced for another bumper season

Fatmir Đeka

According to the latest data, there were 59.529 tourists on 9 August, a 30% increase in comparison to the same period last year. Majority of tourists stayed in private accommodation, said Director of the Tourist Organization Ulcinj, Mr Fatmir Đeka, who is very satisfied with the indicators suggesting a bumper year for Ulcinj.

“Until 1 August, more than a million overnights have been recorded. Obviously, this year we are going to have around 2 million overnights. That means this will be a record year in tourism in Ulcinj”,said mr Đeka.

As far as the structure of guests is concerned, tourists usually come from the countries in the region.

Mr Đeka points out that number of registered tourists is considerably higher this year. That’s result of good organization activities of competent services.

“Members of the Inspection Administration and inspectors of the Police Department have intensified their control activities. This is just the beginning. Next year control activities will become earlier. We want that to become part of culture, just like in the West”, said Mr Đeka.

Higher revenues generated from collected taxes particularly interests him.

“In August, tax collection will double. It’s not about collecting as much as we can, the point is to organize guest registration in the best possible way in order to obtain real, accurate data about the number of tourists in Ulcinj”, said Mr Đeka.

Ulcinj has enormous potential for tourist economy. However, Mr Đeka reiterates that everybody should act in accordance with the law in every segment.

Another positive aspect is the number of hotels in the municipality.

“Charisma company has had a considerable impact on tourism in Ulcinj. Ulcinj counts a total of 59 hotels”, pointed out Mr Đeka.

As far as public utility aspects are concerned, Mr Đeka stresses that many problems have already been solved. Water supply system and traffic regulations are at satisfactory level.

“Guests are satisfied and haven’t made any remarks so far. There’s still noise, near Pristan and at the mouth of Bojana. Devices for putting limitation on noise have been set up and it has produced positive results”, said Mr Đeka.

Money collected from tourist and local taxes will be invested for the worthy cause, says Director of TO Ulcinj.

“We are getting ready for trade fairs in September. We are going together with other local tourist organizations and National Tourist Organization so that complete offer of Montenegro can be found in one place”, says Mr Đeka.


This year Ulcinj made a new, significant step forward in the improvement of promotion and visibility.

“We made virtual 3D high-resolution tour which is going to be presented in the forthcoming days. This  3D tour enables guests to see every place in the town. It’s something completely new”, said Mr Đeka.

He pointed out that they wanted to present Ulcinj as town with unique offer.

“There’s  lake, a river and sea. That’s rare. Tourists can combine beach vacation with countryside tourism and then they can go to the coast for a couple of days and then they can afford to enjoy beauty of the lake”, said Mr Đeka.


In August, Ulcinj will see two gastronomic events to mark summer season.

Domestic products trade fair, Fair Fest, will be held from 16 August to 18 August in Pristan. Members of the local Women’s Association, producers of domestic products, will be presenting their products. Ceremonial opening starts in Friday, at 8 pm.

Venice Palace in Old town will host Okra days festival where tourists can enjoy delicious okra dishes.


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