Montenegro’s ruling party wins Podgorica elections

Sa jednog od izbornih mjesta u Podgorici (Foto: PR centar)

Preliminary results show the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists, DPS, won a landslide victory at today’s local elections in Podgorica. This party won 32 seats in the 61-seat city assembly. Ranko Krivokapić’s Social Democratic Party, SDP, is somewhere at the threshold to win seats and the final outcome is expected soon.


The coalition made up of the Democrats and URA ranked second and got 17 seats, while the coalition consisting of the Democratic Front (DF) and Social People’s Party (SNP) got 8 seats in the city assembly.

Local elections in Podgorica were held today and 134,991 citizens had right to vote.





Parties that participated in the capital’s local elections are:

  • The list led by Ivan Vuković, consisting of the DPS, the Bosniak Party (BP), the Liberal Party (LP), the Democratic Union of Albanians and the Montenegrin Party;
  • The list led by Slaven Radunović, consisting of the Democratic Front (DF), the Socialist People’s Party (SNP);
  • The list led by Dobrilo Dedeić – the Serb Coalition;
  • The list led by Vladimir Čađenović, i.e. the coalition of the Democrats and Civic Movement URA;
  • Coalition of the SDP, Demos and free citizens, and
  • Group of the citizens-Saša Mijović; United Montenegro (UCG), Albanian alternative (AA), Social Democrats (SD) and True Montenegro (Prava Crna Gora – the list led by Marko Milačić).


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